How to Mirror / Cast Hotstar on TV 2020 | hotstar live cricket casting

how to cast hotstar on tv.

How to mirror or cast hotstar on tv 2020 | hotstar live cricket casting with root and without root 2020 :-     First of all, thanks for visiting to this article. If  you are finding tricks for the mirror or cast hotstar on tv, then you are on the right place. so let’s go ahead without any queries.

Hotstar is an Indian digital and mobile entertainment platform launched in 6 February 2015 by Star India.

If you want to watch a premium hotstar such as live cricket , live star channels and premium serials , then you have to pay for it. This means that you have to get a premium membership for this. But if you live in India. Then you know that Hotstar Premium is free for both jio and Airtel Network users. But dont worry, if you live in outside India or are not an Airtel or jio user and you are crazy for cricket. Because everyone knows that the Cricket World Cup 2020 will be broadcast on Hotstar. That’s why I will bring a universal trick to watch the Hotstar Primium for free for everyone.

How to mirror or cast hotstar on tv | hotstar live cricket casting :-

All those people who are reading this article know that Hotstar content has been blocked for mirroring or casting on TV.  When we are trying to cast hotstar on the TV. Then the video is running in mobile but it is not visible on TV.  On TV we can only see black screen. so in this Article i am gonna telling and showing you how you can fix it.

There is a trick to fix this. Which works in Rooted and unrooted smartphones but the steps are different.  ( I suggest you go with an rooted method because it is fine ).  so lets starting with unrooted method.

Note:- All video’s and Article tutorials are for informational and educational purposes only. Follow all the steps with your responsibility. If something goes wrong with your smartphone, then I am not responsible for it.

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How to cast hotstar on tv with unrooted android :-


  1. Unrooted android smartphone
  2. Virtual Xposed
  3. Micro G ( google play serivices)
  4. Hotstar app (Download from playstore)

If you want to cast hotstar on tv and your device is not rooted, then you have to follow the following steps :-

  • download and install virtual xposed by clicking on below download button.

  • You must give all permissions to run Virtual Xposed. Locate settings-apps-virtualxposed and click on permissions then allow all.
  • Now, open the virtual xposed. And tap the menu (six dot) button. You can see the “add app” option there, click on it. (first add “Micro g service in virtual xposed) Then select the hotstar app and press on the install button. 
  • To install Microg, you have to open the following link and download the First 4th App and Install it into Virtual xposed.

Micro g fro wont app run without google play services


  • latest version of hotstar requires google play services which is not supported in virtual xposed.  so we need to install Micro G into the virtual xposed.  after that Add the hotstar

link 2:-   MOD HOTSTAR

  • Now your hotstar app has been successfully added to Virtual Xposed.
  • Then open the virtual xposed again and swipe the menu upwards. There you can see the xposed app. Open it and click on the menu (three times the line) on the left side. Now you can see the options list there. Click on the download option. Type and search there for “DisableFlagSecure” Download this module and install it into Virtual xposed. Then click on the left-hand side menu, then click on the module option and select “DisableFlagSecure” and activate it.
  • Thats it. now open your hotstar and then cast hotstar on tv , enjoy.

Watch our video tutorial :-

How to cast hotstar on tv with rooted android:-


  1. Rooted android smartphone
  2. TWRP should be installed
  3. Xposed installer
  4. Hotstar app you can download it from playstore

If you want to cast hotstar on tv and your device is rooted, then you have to follow the following steps :-

  • If you have not installed the Hotstar app, download it from the playstore.
  • download and install xposed installer and then allow the root access from the magisk or supersu.



  • Now, you have to open the xposed installer, you can see the red bar there. This means that now  we have to install xposed framework.
  • Now, just below the red bar you can see the “install / update” option. Click “Version” then the download will begin and then install it using TWRP. and reboot your device.
  • Now open it after installing xposed framework. Now you can see it. The red bar has changed to green. what does this mean. The xposed framework successfully installed.
  • Open xposed and click on the menu of left side. Now you can see the options list there. Click on the download option. Type and search there for “DisableFlagSecure” Download this module and install it in xposed. Then click on the left-hand menu, then click on the module option and select “DisableFlagSecure” and activate it.
  • now, reboot your smartphone. and then enjoy now you cast hotstar on tv and also you can cast netflix , sonyliv and jiotv.

Watch our video tutorial :-

I hope this trick of how to cast hotstar on tv will be helpful to all of you. Feel free to comment below if you are facing any problem.

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  1. Hello…
    I installed virtual xposed on rooted device.. Downloaded frame work and then gave root permission on my redmi note 3.. I got a successful message written in green colour… Then i restarted the device but it is not starting.. Stuck on mi logo… Pls help me out

    • Virtual Xposed is for unrooted device. And if your device was root then you had to install Xposed and its framework.
      You can fix the boot loop
      Step 1: Download Redmi Note 3 Flash Rom from the official website.
      Step 2: – Download the mi flash tool.
      Step 3: – Simply flash your device using mi flash tool.
      If you are stuck then you can get help from Google and youtube.

  2. Hi,

    I have installed it on my OP6t,
    But while installing fake store it gives error message “failed to Parse the package”

    Please help

    • ?????,
      ???? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??????? ?????? ????????? ?? ???? ??????. ????? ???? ??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??????? ?????? ??? ???? ??? ??? ????? ? (4 ???) ?????? ?? ??????? ??????. ?? ??? ???? ????????? ????? ? ???????? ?? ???????, ???? ???? ???? ?? ?????.

  3. I have followed all steps for unrooted devide but when trying to open hotstar it is asking to update the app .. and redirects to google play market if clicked ok and goes back to virtual exposed home if clicked cancel . Please help

    • Hello Sonal,
      you have to uninstall the hotstar from virtual xposed and outside your device. After this download the hotstar from the playstore, install it. And then add it to the virtual xposed. After that it will not notify you of updates. (Ensure that you have installed Micro-G in Virtual xposed otherwise it will not work)

  4. It’s working

  5. Its working but mobile become slow as it create a virtual environment, overall gr8 tutorial, rooting is I think best compare to Virtual xposed

  6. Great work hotstar screen mirroring work for all free content however premium content does not work. Only the sound comes with subtitles but the visuals are not available. Is there any crack for this??

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